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Client Testimonials

Julio A
I have had the pleasure to be Joshua’s client for some time. His advice on financial matters has been excellent and I have recommended him to several close friends and family. The best part about working with Joshua is that he treats you and your family as if they were his. It has truly been a pleasure getting to know him over the years. I would recommend him unconditionally.”

Luis M
I was looking to retire, and faced many questions about my financial future, when I met Joshua through Joshua and the team at BLS met with me on several occasions, knowing that I was in contact with other financial advisors, and not knowing whether or not I was going to invest with him or not. Because of Joshua’s knowledge and honesty in many areas, I decided to invest my “nest egg” with him. I am very happy and comfortable with that decision, and am currently enjoying my first year of retirement.

Scott A
Jennifer and I would like to thank you once again for the wonderful advice and guidance you have given us recently and thru the many years we have known and worked with you. Your professionalism and personal touch is unwavering. It’s nice to know especially in these turbulent times that we can rest assured knowing that we are well taken care of. Thank you again Josh!

Jay L
I met Joshua via after requesting information from I told Josh that I had spoken with a couple of other advisors and was looking to educate myself prior to investing my money. I am the type to ask a lot of questions and Josh was very patient with me. He told me more than once, “no rush, we’ll go at your pace”. After a few appointments and many phone calls I chose to work with Josh. He clearly was top notch in regard to knowledge and integrity. He is also just a very pleasant guy to work with. I recommend him highly.

Sidney N
I have known Joshua prior to his entering the financial field in 2001, and have always known him to be a person of faith, caring and integrity. I was proud to be his first client and over the years Joshua has helped me to secure my money, assuring that I would have sufficient protection and income for as long as I live. I have always known I am in good hands with Joshua.

Thomas M
Joshua has been able to turn my previously negative financial situation and retirement plans into a positive and promising future. Actually when we first met, my financial situation was in complete disarray. Joshua worked diligently to help organize and establish a much more efficient and higher performing retirement plan. Through his suggestions, we actually increased our retirement savings even while the stock market suffered drastic losses.

What I have enjoyed most about working with Joshua is his genuine concern to find the right programs and solutions that meet each person’s individual needs and within their own means. Joshua is first a very caring human being and his main concern is to help all people the best he is possibly able.

Thanks to Joshua I now have a clear and solid path for financial security now and in our retirement years.

Tom and Lorraine D
Joshua was highly recommended by a family member.  We learned so much about the options that are out there and how to become our own bankers from Joshua, that we wish we had started earlier in life. 

We feel so confident that we are in a better position than originally thought after meeting with Joshua, not to mention the peace of mind from knowing that our children will be taken care of in the future while our nest egg grows.

Joshua is a down to earth, knowledgeable individual who carefully evaluates his clients’ portfolios and makes recommendations suited to their individual needs while keeping in mind the importance of family priorities so one can plan for tomorrow while enjoying today. Just as he was highly recommended to us, we certainly believe that Joshua will provide sound and educated advice to anyone he deals with.

Sandi S
Joshua has been more than a financial advisor to our family. He has been a wise counselor. I once heard, “success is built upon the people you surround yourself with.” I have found that to be true in regards to Joshua’s wise counsel and the current state of affairs we are in. From drowning in debt to managing it while affording private school for one son and college for our daughter, we are succeeding in our financial goals. Not only is Joshua a trusted advisor but he is a friend. His heart is for good; therefore, you can trust Joshua with your finances!

Patrick A
Joshua helped me put my daughter through college by giving me expert advice that I couldn’t find anywhere else and is now helping me fund a very successful retirement with his financial knowledge. Thanks to his help, I will be able to retire years before I thought possible.”

Bill A
I came to Josh to solve some long term deficiencies in my retirement plan. Josh researched many different investment vehicles for me to choose from ranging within my comfort level and investment risk. He explained everything in laymen’s terms. Now 4 years later, I can tell you that I am more comfortable with my impending retirement than ever before. Not only is my financial plan on track, but my family will be well prepared in case I’m no longer around. Josh is a good man who cares about every client. I have also referred 5 co-workers so I am very comfortable with what he can do for folks looking for results. 

Thank you Josh.

Lorraine L
I was 50 and recently laid off from the company I had worked for 32 years. I had a 401k that was losing money being managed by the company, along with a severance of a year salary that I didn’t want to mismanage. The worst part was I had no knowledge of investment strategy, I had always allowed the company to manage my funds.

Joshua and his team sat with me through multiple meetings trying to understand my goals and where I wanted to be once retired. Imagine in this day and age, someone taking the time to understand your individual needs and then detailing the choices you have. I have to admit at first I was a little unclear of the different options each investment had, but Joshua and his team never gave up until I was comfortable with the choices I was making. He is always professional, but also very personable. It has been several years since moving my investments, but even now whenever I have questions or am unclear on an issue he is always patient and accommodating. I have and will continue to recommend him without hesitation.

John B
Working with Joshua on our financial planning through the years, has helped us to  prosper with our personal finances significantly. My wife, Nelly, and I cannot only realize a comfortable retirement but one that is assured as well.  That is an accomplishment, in this ongoing stagnant economy, all its own. Joshua facilitated the Planning for our daughters second tier education, making it an affordable reality. Currently our family’s financial objectives have, and are being met.

Joshua’s sense of humor and warm personality has made the stress of financial planning a pleasure. Many thanks.

Jacqueline T, M.D.
Having finally achieved a piece of the American dream by becoming a physician, one would think that I had accumulated enough knowledge to handle money. How wrong I was!!! I had no control over my finances, let alone a plan for the future. Joshua Schlinsky changed all that. With no more money than I already had, I went from mindlessly hemorrhaging cash, to aiming it, attacking debt, building up assets, creating my own family bank, and ensuring an inheritance for my children.  Joshua taught me how to apply techniques for accumulating wealth by protecting, conserving and growing cash. He is responsible for transforming my dread over my financial sinkhole virtually overnight. I went from having NO PLAN for my college bound students, to repositioning my income and applying tax advantaged strategies that have provided powerful direction and structure.

It is said that every dollar that is not intentionally directed is a missed opportunity. Having Joshua as my financial planner changed my life, as well as the future of my family.  I went in to his office thinking I needed college planning, and came away with a basket full of financial pearls. I encourage anyone who wants to tell their dollar where to go and where to grow and when to come back to get in touch with Joshua.  He can help you plant a tiny seed and reap a rich harvest. Don’t miss the opportunity.

Tim G
My wife and I have been working with Josh for over ten years. He helped us put a plan and strategy together over those years using various products that allowed us to put our two sons through college. The thought of paying for a private college for one of them seemed out of reach but with various strategies that Josh helped us implement, I am proud to say that we now have an accountant and a engineer. Since then we have been working on plans for the golden years of retirement!

Arthur Palermo CPA
Joshua Schlinsky is my financial advisor and I have known him for many years. In my experience as a CPA in dealing with Financial Advisors, his knowledge is second to none. I will continue to use Joshua as my Financial Advisor and refer him to my clients

Allen Robinson of First Trust Mortgage
I have been a client and trusted business partner of Josh for the last 10 years. I have personally requested advice from josh regarding life insurance, annuities and general financial matters. His advice has been important in my family making sound decisions. Josh is a valuable member of my wealth management team.

In addition you will find Josh to be caring, patient and understanding as you deal with complicated financial concepts and products. I think given Josh’s passion for teaching and educating has helped him be successful in his profession and a breath of fresh air in South Florida.

I am honored to refer Josh when I can and look forward to our interactions when we plan for clients.

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