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MADE TO LAST Process (MTL) TM has helped hundreds of families and individuals transform a portion of their nest eggs into a MADE TO LAST cash flow stream that could help avoid rising taxes and give you a guaranteed income for life.

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A Way to PROFIT From Market Volatility For a Portion of Your Retirement Savings.

CONSISTENT and PREDICTABLE GROWTH (no matter what the stock market is doing).

An EASY to follow, simple 5 step methodology that makes sure you have enough money to last your entire life.

A PROVEN Playbook to Live A Tax Free Lifestyle, Never Worrying If Taxes Go Up.

A tax free or guaranteed income that’s MADE TO LAST


Amazon Best Selling author of Wealth Compounded, Joshua Schlinsky, has been serving families, his community, and clients for over four decades. His focus is helping families turn a portion of their nest egg into a lifetime cashflow stream.

Most Americans don’t truly know if their retirement savings will last them for life or how to structure their savings to provide a tax-free and/or guaranteed cash flow for life.

That is why Joshua developed the MTL Process. He specializes in building Made to Last cash flow streams. As a recognized and celebrated member of his community, Joshua has been featured in the Miami Herald, NBC Nightly News, Forbes, Yahoo! Finance, and the Wall Street Journal.


As a regular contributor to Forbes and the New York Daily News and the author of many books, white papers, and blog posts, Joshua is still focused on helping families build an MTL Cash Flow Stream. A Made to Last cashflow stream can work in good and bad times.

With over 20 years helping Florida families build a cash flow that’s MADE TO LAST, Joshua is the go-to authority on wealth management and recession-proof retirement planning.


When Joshua’s mother turned 65 in 1998, he realized it was time for her to retire, move closer to her grandchildren, and continue living life.

Joshua wanted to create a plan that would protect her nest egg from market volatility while making the best use of her savings and a small pension. Thus, the “Made to Last” method was born. Today, even after three major economic market downturns (2000, 2008, and 2020), her financial footing is still rock solid. While others were losing 30% to 50% of their hard-earned money, Joshua’s mother didn’t have to worry one bit.

She not only received a “made to last” income check every month, her principal also continued to grow throughout most of her retirement years.

Treating clients like family has been a winning strategy for Joshua, and he has spent the last two decades personally working with those that are the right fit for the MTL process. Each step in the MTL process is tailored to fit your financial circumstances, with a mission of making sure you have enough money for each of the important MADE TO LAST income buckets. The MTL approach helps strategize for taxes and creates buckets of tax-free cash flow. The cash flow buckets potentially provide you with a guaranteed “paycheck” for the rest of your life. Your retirement income is “made to last,” no matter what the market is doing, for the rest of your life.


Joshua’s entire life has been an example of service. Ever since the early days serving the local community with his father, it didn’t stop there.

He continued servicing in his youth during his college years and later served families who lost loved ones. Joshua’s entire life has been outward-looking, making sure those he serves have better lives.

Joshua realized he had a strong interest in serving his community, making a positive impact, and giving back. Since then, Joshua has devoted himself as an advisor to helping retirees, and non-retirees, overcome the stress and anxiety of retirement by providing financial security and predictability to their income. As a dedicated volunteer, he has served as President and board member of his synagogue, board member of the Jewish Community Center, and has sat on the board of Childrens Cancer fundraising organizations.

Reason Why


Joshua is a beloved husband, father, and man of this community. His entire life has been spent serving others, taught to him by his parents at a very early age. That attribute continues in all of his work...even today.

Today, Joshua lives in South Florida with his wife. When he is not working, you can find him swimming, walking with his dog and spending time with his family and grandchildren. He’s able to do this because of his own MTL Plan. Maybe it’s time to get yours!